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Louisa County Public Schools serves more than 1,400 high school students, both in-person and virtually. Due to economic and infrastructure factors, many of Louisa’s students don’t have the exposure to the experiences and information that could inspire them to pursue high-tech careers. More than 40% of Louisa County High School students are economically disadvantaged and 35% of students do not have access to reliable internet. This program will therefore identify and offer the strategies and resources needed to grow the rate of student enrollment.

To grow student interest in technology careers, LCPS is establishing a new cybersecurity pathway for its high school students. This pathway will include at least three different hands-on cybersecurity courses. Students will also participate in work-based learning opportunities to gain in-demand, career-ready skills. By completing the cybersecurity pathway sequence, students will be able to earn at least one industry credential and satisfy the state’s career and technical education (CTE) requirements. Louisa intends for this pathway to help students gain employment in an entry-level position or attend a postsecondary institution to further their education.

With Phase 2 underway, Louisa has begun implementing its distance learning cybersecurity program, which enables students to work at their own pace and develop mastery of competencies through skill-based assignments and assessments. This pathway offers both a two-year and four-year option for students, including opportunities for work-based learning and attaining the CompTIA Security+ industry certification. Students are also receiving access to hands-on projects in the field of cybersecurity, including those offered by workforce development programs, such as the Cyber Byte Foundation (CBF). This partnership with CBF is giving students access to more than 1,000 cybersecurity companies that comprise the American Cyber League. Louisa’s program is also creating opportunities for cohorts to get together digitally and in-person to complete hands-on activities.

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  • Community Engagement Manager: Brain DeMuth
  • Team Lead: Amanda Hester

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