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Ravenna Public Schools has launched the Grow Mainstreet Project, which will serve 125 students enrolled in Ravenna Middle School and High School. Ravenna has identified a need to shift student mindsets around technology careers; many students may not have the awareness and confidence to use emerging tech for agriculture applications. The Grow Mainstreet Project also addresses a lack of exposure and access to technology experts within the community through hands-on exploration and inquiry-based learning experiences. Within the Ravenna community, all students have dedicated internet-connected devices and access to the school’s high-speed internet provided while on the school site. Therefore, Grow Mainstreet will be made accessible on mobile devices.

The Grow Mainstreet Project aims to empower students at Ravenna Public Schools to develop competencies and build portfolio experiences in three categories — technology, science, and business — with the goal of stimulating economic growth within the Ravenna community. Combining these three categories, students will create a model precision-agriculture company that produces Internet of Things (IoT) temperature-sensing devices for agricultural commodities. Students will develop a smart sensor and IoT measurement systems for advanced monitoring, learn about various agricultural commodities from raw material to production, and design an e-commerce enterprise. By developing proficiency in these categories, Ravenna’s leadership plans for its students to be equipped with the transferrable skills needed for lifelong learning and career readiness. The project also intends to establish new paradigms in teaching, learning, and collaboration with community partners.  

As Ravenna implements Grow Mainstreet throughout Phase 2, teachers are guiding students through specific job functions and producing deliverables in the form of evidence-based artifacts. Students are working toward demonstrating technology competencies and job functions for career pathways. Ravenna is also developing an easy-to-access blueprint for other schools to replicate Grow Mainstreet and implement their own programs.

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